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Akitas are generally considered dog-aggressive. They are usually outgoing, fun-loving, and friendly toward other pets they have known since puppyhood, although this is not always the case. They are not always trustworthy around dogs with which they are raised, and should not be allowed off leash when other dogs are in the vicinity.

Adults should always be walked with a well fitting collar, preferably of the half check type, and short, stout leash, since control must be exercised when strange dogs are encountered. They are strong willed, and must receive early socialization and regular training to control their aggressiveness. They are fierce and dominating when challenged by other dogs, and their curious, mischievous natures sometimes lead to such challenges. Few if any timid or reclusive Akitas are to be found.


Akitas are also considered by most breeders to be people-aggressive if not properly socialized while still puppies. To reduce this human-aggressive trait, they should be taken for walks in the park and put in contact with humans at every opportunity. Socialization is most effective when the dogs are young. As soon as your pup has had its vaccinations, teach it people manners while its leash training is underway. An Akita isn't apt to attack human beings who are minding their own business, but it should be introduced to other humans, and the earlier the better.

Some Akitas are non-aggressive until a year or more of age, when they change and become notably dominant. To their families, they are always intelligent, lovable, and trainable, yet stubborn – they definitely have a mind of their own. After a year of age, most Akitas will become more possessive and defensive of their families and property. At maturity, they are usually aggressive toward other animals, and sometimes toward strange people.