Name: Bann
Age:  1.5 years
Gender: Male
Neutered/Spayed: No
Location:  Luton
Dog Friendly: no
Cat Friendly: no

Meet Bann who is just 1.5 years old and is based in Luton. Bann is looking for a new home as his current owner is moving abroad and unable to take him with them. 

Bann is currently spending majority of the time outside, but loves attention and just wants to be part of the family, so would like to be an inside dog with his new family. He would rather curl up in the house rather than be outside in a garden. 

With owners he is such a softy. He is very playful and loves a ball and game of tug of war. He is still very young and just wants to play or learn new tricks. Bann already knows a few commands and would benefit from further training. He is very much food motivated so will be an enjoyable and bonding activity for his new owner. He is currently walked only once a day but would love more, so he would love someone who can explore with him. Bann is also quite keen on adventure and enjoys car rides at the end of which he could explore some new environments. 

Bann is still young and boisterous so would need an experienced owner. He is dog reactive and can pull on a lead when he sees one on his walk, so large breed experience is essential.

Bann needs to be the only dog in the house and only older kids due to young age and size. He lived with cats before, but we believe it will be best for him to be an only pet as he would need to be transitioning to live inside.