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Name: Niko
Age:  6 years
Gender: Male
Neutered/Spayed: No (will be)
Location:  Birmingham 
Dog Friendly: no
Cat Friendly: no

Meet Niko, a 6 year old boy who is looking for a new home due to his family moving abroad. 

Niko appears to be a very gentle soul, calm and appropriate behaviors with adults and children and will take himself away if there is too much noise or too much going on in the house.

We believe Niko has developed separation anxiety / boredom over time and does not cope well being left alone. He has been observed on home monitoring video as repeatedly not settling when alone, so he would require someone home most of the time and with willingness to dedicate time to train him. 

We feel Niko at his age has become very timid and lacks attention and consistent exercise and walks. He would benefit to be the only dog in the house where his new family will dedicate time to his training and will encourage him to participate more in their routine. 

He was socialized early on and does not generally care about other dogs. He will notice them but when dogs have come towards him, he has even moved away rather than become reactive. 

He doesn't pull on his lead whilst out. He also responds well to verbal and physical commands to move in a different direction or come away from an area.

We believe Niko will be a great addition to the right family that will make him welcome and will include him into their everyday lives and routine. 

Niko may be able to live with older dog savvy children. No small furries or cats due to prey drive.