Beautiful Bella is a sweet girl with great potential for the right family. She is a very ‘typical’ Akita who is quite independent and not too demanding when it comes to her human friends. This lady does love a good scratch and especially a brush but is also happy to just watch the world go by and settles nicely throughout the day here at the centre. As result, we do feel that Bella could be left for a couple of hours in her new home but this will need to be built up gradually and at a pace she is comfortable with.

Bella does have some worries around other dogs and this does mean she can be unfriendly towards them, especially smaller dogs. To keep Bella and those around her nice and safe, she happily walks wearing a muzzle and loves the fact that squeezy cheese and pate is available when its walk and muzzle time. To help Bella enjoy her walks even more, she would be best suited to a quieter dog area where she doesn’t have to worry too much about seeing lots of other pets. Her new family may also like to consider renting a private dog field on occasions for her to have a good run around. As Bella will need to stay on her lead, her new home will also need secure garden so she can have a stretch of the legs at home.  

Bella loves her toys and playing tuggy as well as her tasty treats and learning new tricks. She’s super smart and is a really quick learner. She would love a family that enjoy these things too and this is a great way to make friends with new people. She also enjoys doing her food puzzles and we’re amazed at how quickly she works them out, what a clever girl!

Being more on the independent side, Bella would a prefer a home with older teenagers and without too many visitors. She would like a quieter life with a steady routine and lots of consistency. She will also require a reasonable amount of exercise to keep that clever brain occupied.

Bella's new pawrents must have plenty of Akita experience and must observe the rescue's rules regarding wearing a muzzle at all times in public 

To apply to adopt Bella please apply at

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