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Meet Bumble


Bumble is big and powerful, very reminiscent of a bear, highly confident, fearless, intelligent and extremely responsive to commands. She therefore requires a strong willed owner, strength of mind being more important than strength of body when it comes to controlling her. As regards her nature, Bumble is very kind, loving and thoughtful and she loves a cuddle and will push her huge soft and fuzzy face into yours. She also likes a rough and tumble, will jump up grab your arm in her mouth and pull, but she knows her own strength and never causes harm.


What Bumble requires is a home where she will receive lots of love, gentle yet firm discipline, and plenty of daily exercise.  


Bumble may be an older dog but she is fit, has no sign of stiffness and has good teeth, she has many years left in her. she does enjoy her regular daily exercise.


Prospective adopters must have experience and knowledge of the breed. To be the only pet in the home.

Bumbles preferred home choice would be an adult only home, however she maybe above to live with dog savvy well children over 12 years of age.


If your looking for a 10/10 companion and you can offer this sweet girl the life that she deserves please apply at www.akitarescue.org.uk alternative you can email any queries to info@akitarescue.org.uk