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If you know of an event that might be of interest to other Akita-lovers, feel free of post details of it here.

Please note that no commercial postings are allowed.
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by shootsmart
2 years 7 months ago
If you come across any news stories or links that might be of interest to members of the forum, feel free to post them here.

Please note that this area should not be used for commercial purposes.
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by shootsmart
2 years 7 months ago
If you have something for sale that you think another member of the forum might be interested in buying, feel free to advertise it here.

Ideally please provide a picture, along with instructions on how you can be contacted.

Please note that this forum is only for private transactions - no commercial advertising will be allowed - and there should be absolutely no discussions about any financial arrangements that are anything to do with animals themselves. Anyone breaching either of these rules will immediately be kicked off the forum and banned.

Please also note that the AR&W accepts absolutely no liability whatsoever for anything advertised here. Any purchase is entirely at your own risk.
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by shootsmart
2 years 6 months ago