Akita Rescue & Welfare UK - ARW - General Qualities

Akitas are affectionate creatures. They show no signs of aggression toward humans who are minding their own business, but they have a family loyalty defensive trait that is quickly shown to strangers who approach their homes. They are effective watch dogs, without any training or encouragement.

Defensive Qualities

Akitas seem to have innate, defensive qualities of their own. Akita owners and breeders seem to agree that you should always carefully introduce your Akita to your friends, making it plain that those people's presence in your home is agreeable with you. The perceptive Akita will identify those persons who are not your friends without any help or training.

Akitas and Children

Akitas are not known to have short tempers with their family's children; they are tolerant and usually prefer to retreat when the play becomes tiresome, rather than snap at youngsters. They have historically been associated with guarding children, and commonly show great affection for boys and girls with whom they are raised. Their hunting instincts, stamina, and playful dispositions make them wonderful playmates for children of all ages.

However, when strange children or adults enter the picture, the Akita may be more realistically depicted as a guard dog, and should be taken to the kennel or put out in the yard. Shedding its role of playmate and companion, the family Akita becomes defensive of the family and home. The pet that loves your children and would go to great lengths to protect them might see any stranger, regardless of age, as an interloper to be dealt with. A household filled with the confusion of children or adults passing in and out at random, makes a poor environment for an Akita.