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Akita Rescue and Welfare Trust

Akita Angels Kennel Sponsorship Scheme

Become an Akita Angel and sponsor our dogs in kennels


For as little as 16p a day you could sponsor one of Akita Rescue and Welfare’s kennels and help a rescued Akita live in

comfort and security until they find their forever home.


If you are a UK tax payer we can claim an additional 25% on top of your donation, at no extra cost to you, if you complete our Gift Aid Form here!

All the money we raise, is from our supporters. We get no funding from any other source, as such, your help is needed!

Each kennel costs around £2000 a year to run and provide vet care and treatment for our dogs to say nothing of special treats and toys to enrich their lives. All sponsorship money goes directly to the care of our dogs in kennels – all of our helper are volunteers and give their time freely.

You can choose which kennel you would like to sponsor and you will receive: -

  • Updates on our Social Media Pages on all our kennel dogs
  • A car sticker
  • Wrist Band
  • Your name listed as a sponsor against the dog living in your kennel.

We have various options to suit all pockets and you can select which is the best for you.

  • Bronze Sponsorship £ 5.00 a month
  • Silver Sponsorship £10.00 a month
  • Gold Sponsorship £20.00 a month
  • Platinum Sponsorship £30.00 a month
  • Pocket Money to buy treats for all our kennel dogs£ 2.00 a month

To begin go to our ‘Support Us’ page on the Akita Rescue and Welfare Trust (UK) website and click on Standing Orders, or set up payments direct from your online Bank using our banking details. When asked for a reference please state your name and then email info@akitarescue.org.uk with your details so we can send your updates and thank you gifts. If you are not able to commit Monthly then a single one off payment can be made using our ‘Support Us’ page on our website.